Welcome to my wellness page. It is certain that I would not be able to channel clear psychic messages and write them down without a clean diet and lifestyle. Many people believe that being clairvoyant requires an individual to become a vegan and therefore avoid animal based foods.

The basis of all things is that they are conscious. From human kind at the top of the evolutionary tree to the decayed leaf of a deciduous tree, all things have consciousness. When this is considered then it is important to source the most loved and energetically whole foods that you can in your area and be thankful that the physical form of your food’s consciousness is given up to sustain you.

The eating plan and lifestyle that I follow and recommend is based on an understanding of the etheric properties of food, the physical and energetic properties of food, and human evolution. Most information can be found at www.akesisbalance.com where you will find recipes and health tips for your whole family and guidance to find your own wellness.

I have provided also some additional lifestyle tips for those who wish to delve deeper into an understanding of their life and self…..(just click on the links below)