Sleep Patterns for Channeling

Many people share the belief that the healthiest form of sleep pattern is to get one large block of 8 to 10 hours at night. This goes with the old saying “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This method of sleep is also suggested by most modern health advocates to promote a healthy mind and body. Generally the amount of sleep in total hours per 24 hour period is being suggested by health advocates is correct – between 8 and 10 hours total.

What is not being considered by most people is that the optimum human sleep pattern is actually polyphasic which is a fancy name for having more than one block of sleep per day. Many countries around the world have used this sleep pattern for their entire cultural history and it is still often used in modern day society. This includes Spanish and Italian cultures in the habit of taking an afternoon sleep after lunch for a few hours. Our family refers-to our day sleep as a siesta after the Spanish name given to sleeping in this way.

The ideal pattern of sleep for an adult is eight hours sleep total taken in two blocks of four hours or a block of three plus a block of five. My personal favourite routine is to sleep from 11pm to 4am and 3pm to 6pm. Unfortunately I am only able to use this pattern on the weekend so during the week I sleep much less by using the alternate pattern of 11pm to 4am and 7pm to 8pm for a total block of 6 hours sleep.

The important aspect is to never sleep for longer than five hours in one block. It is also preferable to break up the total waking hours as evenly as possible with your current work circumstances. There are many benefits to be gained by using this alternative pattern as further described.

CognitionIncreased ability for psychic and channeled work.

I have noticed that by staying in polyphasic sleep patterns consistently I am better attuned to receive psychic messages and spiritual suggestions. There are times during this sleep cycle when I feel groggy, like after my one hour catch-up nap, and these times are the best for receiving accurate psychic messages because the ego mind is less equipped to get involved and distort the message through a fear filter. Your overall body and mind stress levels are lower also and this contributes to being better open to etheric connection.

Decreased need for nutrient supplementation.

As part of a normal busy stressful lifestyle it is almost impossible to obtain correct levels of some nutrients entirely from food. for example I have historically needed zinc, b-group vitamins, and cod liver oil on a daily basis to supplement my usual healthy dietary intake of nutrient dense foods. I found that when I changed to polyphasic sleep patterns my need for these supplements disappeared and I now maintain healthy levels of body nutrients by obtaining the required levels from my food alone. I believe there are two factors at play here. Firstly, I am less prone to stress each day and therefore burn through less of my nutrient stores. There is then a balance created between the nutrient input levels from food and my body’s usage levels. Secondly, the use of nutrient supplementation is not required because my body has adequate time to rest and digest food properly hence I obtain all the available nutrients through the proper digestive process.

Increased overall brain function and cognition.

Using a polyphasic sleep pattern and not sleeping more than 5 hours in one block has significantly reduced brain fogginess and improved my overall brain function and cognition in everyday life and work scenarios. This has meant that I sleep less hours overall compared with my old sleep patterns but this has actually increased my ability to concentrate and solve problems.

emotionHightened emotional awareness of others whilst exercising better levels of self-regulation of emotions

In a similar way to what I have described above for brain function, a change to polyphasic sleep has led me to a better connection with my emotional heart function as well. I have combined my new sleep patterns with the use of essential oils to open up my emotional availability to my loved family and friends whilst also being able to clearly see and cut negative emotional feelings and ties to others where appropriate.