Food Beliefs

art by William Follett

art by William Follett

The common understanding in our world is ‘you are what you eat.’ This is obviously and English language saying but it is a commonly held belief in every culture around the world that food intake is seen as an external influence on a person’s health including their weight, skin condition, and internal organ function. In this situation the scientific information that we can gather would appear to give validity to the common belief that food affects human health but science only relies upon observation of what is normal so therefore a commonly held belief will always appear proven scientifically. This is because we each create our own physical reality – including our own physical form – based on our beliefs.

I am an advocate for sourcing and consuming food that has the best nutrient and energetic value possible and for this reason my diet consists only of natural organic plant and animal based foods. However it would be theoretically possible for me to eat cheap nutrient-devoid fast foods for every meal and still remain fit and healthy if I did not hold a belief that eating fast food makes me sick and gain weight. I say, ‘theoretically’ because some beliefs are hard to break, such as this one regarding food, and I am not in the habit of spending my time and energy breaking beliefs that keep me healthy and offer positive energetic properties for my body and mind.

What I am suggesting is that it is important to understand that your own beliefs surrounding food and health are causing you to manifest yourself in a particular body size, shape, and health level. It is not food itself that influences our form, only our beliefs about food. When a scientist wants to spend some time testing a theory he/she will often start with testing a commonly held belief such as ‘eating too much sugar makes you fat.’ Of course the sample of people involved in the scientific study is chosen to represent a ‘normal’ cross section of the community and when results are obtained any outlying results and dismissed as statistical anomalies. Science should be investigating the beliefs of those people who’s results fell well outside the normal population for those sampled in the experiment because there you will find people who are creating a different physical reality due to their different belief system.

How does this apply to you practically today?

When you eat your next meal be present and conscious in your own thoughts throughout the experience. You will find that your conscious thoughts will be a signpost to your own beliefs about food and health. These thoughts may include for example: ‘I put way too much sugar on my cereal, I should cut back so I don’t gain weight,’ or ‘I need a strong coffee first thing in the morning to help me wake up because I am always tired.’ There are, of course, almost infinite thoughts you may have and these examples are given so you will understand the type of thoughts you may have that would lead you to uncover your beliefs about food. Again I will point out that this exercise is important because your beliefs – betrayed by your thoughts – create your physical form.

I will offer you some good news to end this blog topic however. Consciously working on identifying your thoughts and uncovering your beliefs will enable you to make changes to your beliefs that will eventually correspond with a change in physical form. The method is simple but requires the reader to be mindful of their own thoughts. You have a conscious mind that can be used to change these thoughts that seem to bubble-up from the subconscious space. This is achieved by writing down the alternative thoughts you associate with a belief that better aligns with your preferred physical form. These new thoughts can then be embedded through reading them out aloud or within your head several times per day. Slowly but surely your thoughts will change your beliefs, then your beliefs will change your physical form.