Emotional Wellness

The key to all wellness is your emotional state. I cannot emphasize this point enough so I will also explain it in another way. We are completely contrived physically from our emotional state and all physical traits or ailments have their origins in your emotions.


Many people find this concept difficult to grasp so I will give a plain example. When you walk past the end of the coffee table and you hit your shin on the corner of the table you feel annoyed and embarrassed that you have made this mistake. For a few days after the event you will probably have a bruise on your leg in the location where it struck the coffee table. The reality is that your emotions about the event cause you to manifest a bruise to remind yourself and to display to others that you feel certain strong emotions about the event. I know that you will say that a bruise always occurs after hitting your shins on something because you have created minor internal bleeding under the skin. This is true but the bruise mechanism is just the way in which we are expected to naturally show and express the associated emotions.

I am certain that during your own life you have found that bruises appear and you cannot remember the ‘event’ by which it was caused physically and we dismiss this by saying to ourselves that we must have forgotten how we caused the physical bump. Instead I put this to you as an example where your emotional state alone causes the physical bruise display without any corresponding physical event. In a similar vein the, often you will find that your body can receive some heavy knocks and a bruise may not always develop. I am sure you have noted times when you expected a nasty bruise but none appeared. Again I offer this example where the absence of emotional distress about the physical event is tied to the absence of a physical bruise.

display-dummy-757451_1280This is a simple example of course and there are many more examples I could give you but you will not truly believe this concept unless you have an underlying understanding that your emotions and thoughts are responsible for the creation of your physical reality. There is no exception to this and health issues are always a good example to prove this philosophy to be true. A health problem in the physical self is always linked to an emotional problem that is being expressed. If you understand this concept then you can start to understand that your own state of wellness can be linked back to your emotional state that corresponds. This concept is quite empowering because whatever health issues you have they are able to be treated at the source by addressing the underlying emotional issue. All other treatments are merely masking the symptoms of the problem and this means that the emotional issue will find another way to display in physical terms.

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There are a few simple suggestions I have for improving your emotional wellness that in turn will improve your physical form as well:

  1. Practice Polyphasic sleep patterns – Refer to my page on this topic Poly-phasic Sleep
  2. Make time everyday for artistic creative outlet. This will ensure that your emotions are expressed through artistic creation and not through physical body manifestations.
  3. Find a form of movement or exercise that you love to do and try to fit it into your weekly routine. This is recommended primarily to improve your emotional state so do not concentrate on the physical attributes of your body during the movement (e.g. tracking heart rate)