Body as a projection of self image

Projection of Self ImageThis topic should be read in conjunction with the blog regarding food beliefs as they are similar in their overarching message that each of us creates our own reality. This means that the way you appear to yourself and others is entirely a projection of your own beliefs, fears, and love manifested into physical reality. There is no exception to this and there are no external influences on your self-image. Only internal influences from your own emotions and thoughts are relevant.

In simple and practical terms this means that the way you look, your body size and shape, the way you move, and all other physical body attributes are created by you alone. You project your own self image. Often this is done over a period of time subconsciously and subtly but any external physical unwanted manifestations are a way for your subconscious mind to communicate with your conscious mind that you have emotional problems caused by fear from holding negative beliefs in your psyche. I have been observing these manifested physical issues in others (and in myself) to attempt a diagnosis of the connection between the physical issue and the underlying emotional fear that caused it. Through my observations I have realized that all disease and all changes in body image can be linked to an emotional or spiritual block or fear. I will share some examples of my observations for context.

Male Pattern Baldness

I have noticed that many men lose their hair first at the crown of the head. It occurred to me that this location coincided with the location of the crown chakra which is an energy centre of the body used for divine and spiritual connection. I have noted that men who display baldness at the crown are also very blocked and disconnected from their divine or spiritual self. There seems to be a genetic link whereby a man is likely to end up with the same baldness patterns as their father or maternal grandfather. This link with lineage is due to the passing-down of emotional fears and blocks from parents to children in their young life. Therefore the same emotional issues will manifest the same physical attributes. Going bald at the crown is your body’s way of telling you that you must work on removing your blocks to the divine and spirituality.bald self image

A pain in the neck

Many of us have probably used the saying that someone or something is ‘a pain in the neck.’ There is quite some truth in behind the use of this saying as often the emotional pain coincides with a corresponding physical pain. In these instances clearing the emotional issue will resolve the associated physical pain too. My wife, Leah, has often fallen victim to back pains that have caused her to lay flat for days on end and seek the ongoing help of an osteopath and chiropractor. The back problem she has is caused by her belief that she is not physically and emotionally strong enough to support her burdens. This belief manifests accordingly to physical reality as debilitating back pain that prevents her from supporting her own weight physically. Again, this is the way in which the underlying limiting fear-based belief is brought to the attention of your conscious mind. The aim of course is to point out the direction of the fear-based belief so that it can be changed.

Skin Changes

Self Image Skin

I have noticed that because skin changes rapidly at a cellular level, outwards manifestations of inner emotions are displayed on the skin in real-time. When I mean is that changes in the skin are often fast to follow changes in emotions and beliefs. There are many types of displays that people wear openly on their skin that assist in the identification of their emotional issues caused by fear-based beliefs. Examples include moles and freckles, birthmarks, skin lesions, and cold-sores, skin colour and tone and wrinkles, of course. Again I will use my wife, Leah, as an example to demonstrate the way skin manifests underlying beliefs. Leah had a very difficult pregnancy with our first son and she gained almost 40 kilograms in weight during that time. Our son is now 11 years old and Leah still carries some saggy skin around her middle and stretch marks on her hips and thighs even though she lost all the additional weight quite soon after he was born. We have discovered that Leah has been holding onto physical ‘skin-scars’ of her first pregnancy as a way to display to herself and others that she believes herself to be a victim of a difficult pregnancy and has wished to display her victim beliefs for sympathy.

In each of the examples given it is entirely possible to change the physical manifestations of the way a person looks based on changing the corresponding emotion that is caused by fear-based beliefs. Removing the fear will remove the associated physical ailment or unwanted physical manifestation. This applies without exception as we each create our own reality.