Psychic Care Package

$220 (incl. GST)

Early writing journal package for amazing results in self discovery and development.

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This product is for those of you who prefer to receive a beautiful care package containing some practical tools to help you work through your life’s journey. The package is intended to assist you to commence early writing that is a process involving self discovery through daily journal writing.

The package contains:

  1. Moleskine brand workbook with handmade reusable cotton book cover sleeve to be used as a personal journal
  2. A personalized roller containing an essential oils blend specifically blended for your needs
  3. A small crystal that has been chosen specifically for you to match your needs right now
  4. A crystal pouch to contain your chosen crystal for hanging around your neck

I will hand write a personalized channeled message in the front of the book that will include the following information to be used as a workbook to assist you in reaching your life goals and obtain better spiritual connection in your life:

  • Recommended daily routine tailored to you for sleep, food, and exercise
  • Usage instructions for the essential oil roller
  • Crystal information and why is has been chosen for you specifically
  • Information about your own spirit guides and instructions for speaking with them
  • A list of fears and blocks to be identified and worked-through in the workbook.

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