Full Psychic Message Package

$198 (incl. GST)

Full-service five (5) page individualized hand written spirit message.

Great Value – best selling product.

SKU: 004


This is a package for those who wish to obtain a full-service list of individualized information. This package includes five (5) exercise book pages of handwritten channeled information specifically for you to assist in understanding your own life, your future and your purpose.

Information is photographed and emailed to you.

You may ask some questions that you want specifically answered or ask for a combination of information about your past life or past lives, future, or help with present issues.

This is our best value package as it can contain all the other products from my channeled message range with a package discount price:

  1. Spirit Guide Message (normally $88)
  2. List of fears and blocks (normally $99)
  3. Universe future wish list (normally $110)

Total value $297 if purchased individually……..

Package Price only $198

Save $99

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