CT 10: Domestic Violence

This podcast episode broaches the controversial topic of Domestic Violence and Rudy provides his unique insight into this deep social problem.

A new understanding of this topic is necessary if we are to develop an effective approach to prevent violence in relationships. The measures that protect women from immediate danger need to stay in force and available but unfortunately they can only be applied after the event. No existing measures have the capacity to prevent abuse and violence from happening in the first place or stop and it from re-occurring in the future.

There cannot be any justification for violence in relationships but making the assumption that the aggressor is exclusively responsible for a dynamic that turns to violence is a misconception. The reality is that, consciously or sub-consciously, each partner makes a contribution to domestic violence or emotional abuse. In other words, were we to go deeper and uncover the core reasons for this behavior, we would find that there are no innocent parties in the true sense of the word…..

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